Rochester Institute of Technology

Industrial Design, BFA

Graduated 2019

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Work Experience

Industrial Designer, WearWorks | Jan 2020 - Present

Designed and manage production of their product’s premium packaging. Did renderings for their product and revamped existing website. 


Industrial Designer,  MTWO | Feb 2020 - Present

Assist in developing solutions for clients looking for high end and sustainable packaging. Communicate with vendors on bringing designs to production.

Freelance Designer | Spring 2019 - Present

Helped clients design wearables, a water purfier, doorbell, clothes folding machine and fishing lures.

Experience Design Student, Chase Design Group | Spring 2019

Explore solutions to improve merchandising for a client by testing their new line of products with a team of graphic designers. 


Industrial Design Student, Sesame Street | Fall 2019

Worked with client to explore the concept of free play. Designed a tactile product aimed to encourage children to visualize their ideas. Used silicone molding in order to bring my product to life.


Industrial Design Intern, MIDI Product Development | Summer 2018

Researched and developed products for various clients with a team of other designers and engineers. Conceptualized ideas using sketching and CAD. Managed and assembled 3D printed mock up for client.

Industrial Design Intern, Hachi Design | Summer 2017

Researched and designed children’s products for clients in Australia. Practiced design thinking with an international team of highly experienced designers.


Illustrator · Photoshop · InDesign · SolidWorks · Keyshot · Sketchbook Pro


Sketching · Prototyping · Basic Electronics · Origami · Basic Mandarin · Cantonese 

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